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Lord preserve us and protect us! Mandorichard has Whiskey Before Breakfast

Richard Gordon a.k.a. Mandorichard has made Pittsburgh his home, and we are all benefiting from his excellent choice! Richard hosts the folk and bluegrass show on WRCT 88.3 FM  Whiskey Before Breakfast. For a hopping good time, tune in Wednesdays from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Mandorichard shares a wide range of folk music, traditional and contemporary, mostly American, as well as Celtic, Quebecois, British Isles, and other music, too. Catch it live on WRCT 88.3 FM Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m., or streaming from


Richard Gordon WRCT & WVUD

Twitter: @mandorichard

Whiskey Before Breakfast air times:
WRCT, 88.3 FM, Pittsburgh: Wed 11:00am - 1:00pm
WMCK.FM, McKeesport, PA: Sun, 8:00 - 10:00 a.m.
Tue, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.; Wed, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
WVUD, 91.3 FM, Newark, DE: Thu, 12:01 - 2:00 a.m.
(just after midnight)

The Saturday Light Brigade is one of the longest-running public radio programs in the country. Hosted by Larry and Rikki Berger every Saturday morning since 1978, the show has blended acoustic music, live performances by youth and adults, participatory puzzles, on-air telephone calls, and interviews with other community-based nonprofits serving youth and families.

Broadcast Radio

  88.3 WRCT Pittsburgh, PA

  90.1 WIUP Indiana, PA (6 to 9 am)

  90.7 WMCO New Concord, OH

  91.1 WSAJ Grove City, PA

  91.7 WNJR Washington, PA

  91.7 WCUC Clarion, PA

  96.3 WOHM Charleston, SC

Cable TV, Internet Radio, Telephone

   Comcast 21/Verizon 47 PCTV Pittsburgh, PA (6 to 9 am)

   wmck.fm McKeesport, PA

   radiophoenix.org Phoenix, AZ (5 to 8 am Mountain)

   NoCO FM Fort Collins, CO  (4 to 10 am Mountain)

   iqkidsradio.org Pittsburgh, PA

   Audio Now at 515.605.9542 (24/7)

Android and iPhone Apps

   Tune In (24/7)

   Streema (24/7)

   Simple Radio (24/7)

   aha (24/7)



Bill Smedley

The Old Time Music Hour on WSOV is dedicated to providing listeners the finest traditional and progressive Appalachian old-time music. On the Old Time Music Hour you will hear classic old tunes, new tunes, ballads and even a waltz by famous and upcoming musicians with various styles of playing.

The weekly program is hosted live by Bill Smedley from Jersey Shore Pa., on WSOV FM 101.7 , and archived on Padlet. Bill is a member of the Gnarled Knuckles String Band and has played the 5-string banjo and studied Old Time Music for over 36 years. He has studied with some of the masters of the Old Time Banjo including, Tommy Thompson, Mac Benford, Richie Stearns and Riley Baugus. His knowledge of the history of the music along with his passion for collecting, recording and playing rare tunes combines to make the Old Time Music Hour a very special program on WSOV.


The weekly podcast Get Up in the Cool features conversations and musical collaborations with some of Old Time music's heaviest hitters, like Ken Perlman, Adam Hurt, Spencer & Rains, and Jake Blount. 

As an interviewer, Cameron DeWhitt balances an effusive curiosity for the potential of traditional music with a dogged respect for its origins. Serving as audience surrogate, Cameron asks illuminating questions to Old Time's best and brightest while telling the larger story of the tradition's modern era. With over 100 episodes released and no signs of slowing, Get Up in the Cool is quickly becoming one of the largest available archives of new Old Time recordings.

Cameron DeWhitt is a clawhammer banjoist and Old Time musician living in Philadelphia. Cameron is the innovator behind "pitchfork-style" banjo, a three-finger clawhammer technique that allows the player unprecedented access to melody, harmony, and rhythms typically roped off from clawhammer players.


Internet Radio


Live 365 is an online radio site that provides individuals with the means to upload their favorite music collections for the rest of us to share.


Music from the Appalachian Mountains (and elsewhere in the USA). Time frame of this music is from the US Civil War era through World War II. Included are some string band, solo, and mountain blues songs, some from older recordings and some from newer versions of the old songs  (But no Bluegrass!)

The original folk radio in Pittsburgh,
 these Sunday afternoon shows feature a 
mix of Folk, Old Time, and Bluegrass.

Folk Alley

An American Sampler

The Bluegrass Jam Session